some rain memories


When I was little I sat in my grandmas backyard thinking I could control the rain. I always thought I was a magical kid, reading and watching so much fantasy embeds that in you. Finding the source of my power was just a matter of time, and it started there, with the rain.

We were little, still riding the bus to school and didn’t even have our own set of house keys yet. My sister and I waddled up to our front door and found it locked. We looked at each other not knowing what to do, and my sister began to cry. I remember handing her my water bottle, nodding my head and setting out into the rain, running around our house to see if I could find a way in. I had no luck and by the time I made it back to the front door I was soaked through. My sister was still crying, wanting our mom, and as they’ve always done, her tears sparked my own. Two scared kids crying in the rain until their mom pulled up barely a minute later to let them into the warm dry house.

I was eighteen, walking back to my college dorm with a boy I had met and became fast friends with. We constantly toed the line of friendship and flirtation but he had a girlfriend back home, a relationship from high school that they had kept going. He didn’t mention her much. We were laughing and talking when suddenly water started pouring over us from nowhere. It was a clear night, did it start raining? No, not rain. The sprinklers on the lawn had started and we were right in it’s path. We ran and laughed, shaking the water out of my hair I looked at him and said, “you know this is a movie moment right?” He nodded and stared and stared and stared.

I was driving home in a car that had no AC and it was pouring rain. My windows constantly fogged up, forcing me to crack them and let the water pour in. I was scared, tired, lonely, wondering why I hastily moved to a new school, a different town, before I was ready. The rain was getting worse and worse until I was forced to pull over. I could barely see in front of me and I was in the middle of nowhere with nothing around but empty land. I rolled my windows back up, tried to clean off my wet arms, and sobbed.

We had just gotten out of a movie and had no idea a tsunami waited us outside. Smelling like popcorn and grinning like idiots we ran to the car. The cold of the rain couldn’t damper the happy feeling blooming inside me from finding a group of friends that seemed to just, fit. I wanted to tilt my head back and let the clouds know they couldn’t ruin this night for me. This feeling of belonging inside my chest was not something that could easily be washed away by the rain.


day 2 of escapril – april showers


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